Wish Coach Wooden A Happy Birthday

October 7th, 2009 by admin

As Coach celebrates another birthday in a life well lived, please celebrate with him and send him your best.

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  1. Jack Batson says:

    Coach Wooden,

    I got to meet you many years ago at a basketball clinic, and I asked you what 1 thing was most important for me to know. You responded, “Balance.” After I said, “Yes sir,” you told me that you have to stand in a balanced stance, then you must have a balance on the court. After a couple more examples of balance, you told me, “… but if your life isn’t in balance, then none of these other things matter.” I have never forgotten those words. Thank you for making a difference for me and thousands of others.

    Jack Batson
    Roswell, New Mexico

  2. Clark Eder says:

    Happy Birthday to the greatest basketball coach, at any level, ever!

    I did a report on you in 4th grade, last year, at Twin Creeks Elementary School, located in San Ramon, CA.

    I hope you have many more healthy and happy days ahead.

    You are someone I admire.

    Clark Eder (11 year old, 5th grader)

  3. Gerald W. Thomas says:

    Hello Coach,

    I wanted to relay to you a belated Happy Birthday! I live by your Pyramid for Success!

    Gerald W. Thomas
    Purdue Basketball “73 – “77

  4. Dave Hulett says:

    Dear Coach Wooden,
    I just found this site and wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. My mother was born on October 13, 1910 in Jacksonville, Illinois and I always thought that it was quite remarkable that you and she were born one day apart.

    In my role as Chief Operating Officer of the Masters Basketball Association – National Senior Championships, held each May in Coral Springs, Florida (players from 40 to 70+, playing an NCAA game) I have tried to operate the tournament using the principles you outlined in “The Pyramid of Success”, striving to make our tournament an event of high quality with an attention to detail that you would like.

    Were it possible for you to be an observer, I know you would greatly appreciate the very special nature of the games, where players are still competing to be the best they can be.

    My best wishes for many more productive years and I will look forward to reading your new book. Congratulations!
    Dave Hulett
    Coral Springs, Florida
    …on behalf all the 400 plus Players, Team Organizers and Coaches that participate in the MBA National Senior Championships.

  5. Rochelle Brown says:

    Dear Coach Wooden,
    I wish you a happy, healthy birthday from a Bruin family that has always admired you. My husband and I graduated UCLA in the early 60’s, before Pauley Pavilion was built. But as alumni, our favorite night out was attending a Bruin basketball game and looking around Pauley at all those Championship Banners. That you were a patient and fair gentlemanly coach, and your players were high-achieving student athletes made the wins even more meaningful. I’ve always been proud to be a Bruin and feel honored that your name will forever be associated with UCLA.

  6. ralph meyen says:

    Dear Wizard of Westwood
    your pyramid of success has served me well in this life and my grate- fullness can only be expressed by these simple words … time/age was never important only what you did with whatever NOW meant to you. the measurement of all these ‘nows’ is celebrated annually on our birthday so may you have many more ‘nows’ that are filled with the joy of all you’ve done and still do!

    from a grateful kid from Poly high who never made your team but Gail Goodrich did and that helped me as well.

  7. John Tushar says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Coach Wooden. Just the thought of you keeps me motivated. May the Lord continue to bless you with good health.

  8. Sally Efremoff says:

    I had the privlege of meeting you in Canton, Ohio years ago. You have been an influence in our lives–starting with your teaching at Central High School (South Bend) with my mother Anne Snyder who respected you as an English teacher and person. Happy Birthday. Sally Efremoff

  9. Roseanna Ceirno says:

    Dear Coach Wooden,

    You have been my idol since I was a young girl. I am a former high school and college basketball player and also played in Germany when I got out of college. I have coached young women and men and am a Math teacher. I have an autographed Pyramid of Success which is one of my most prized possessions. I have shared the pyramid with the young men and women I have coached and also the students in my classes. Thank you for all your words of wisdom and lessons you have taught. Your are truly a wonderful person.
    I hope your birthday was a very happy one.



  10. Jack Livingston says:


  11. Steven T. Escher says:

    Dear Coach,

    I have been a fan of yours and UCLA since 1964. You came to our High School (Pomona High) to our awards banquet. AT that time you shared with us your pyramid of success. I have been a fan of yours and UCLA’s ever since. Thanks for all you have done for UCLA, the young men who have played for you and helping to make America a better place.

  12. Sharon Kane says:

    Dear Mr. Wooden,
    You are an absolute role model for all of those you coached and all of those that followed you thru the years. May God always be with you, you work miracles through Him.
    Happy Happy Birthday, you are in your 100th year…go for it!!
    With much respect,
    Sharon Kane

  13. melanie says:

    Coach Wooden,

    You are such an inspiration to many. I wish you could have coached my son in basketball. I have such great respect for you and the life you live. Thanks for living a life worth honoring. Happy Birthday Coach.

  14. The Nahama Family says:

    Mr. Wooden,
    Happy late birthday from our family to you. While taking a bath two days ago my 4-1/2 year old son said out of the blue “At pre-school I told my friend about a block in the Pyramid of Success. My friend said he knew the Pyramid of Success because he saw the Movie!”
    Thank You & Hootie-Toot-Toot. Joe, Beth, Jake, Cade & Eric Nahama

  15. Coach Rey says:

    Happy Birthday Coach and thanks for being a great role model!

  16. Bob Young says:

    Coach Wooden,

    You have been my hero since the 40tys. I attend Marion High School and graduated in 1947 when the Giants made it to the final four at the old Butler Fieldhouse. That was when I first was aware of the great Ocar Robenson. May you continue a healthy life.

  17. Paul Breit says:

    Coach Wooden,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at UCLA, when the Bruins still had Wrestling. We talked about your brother Cat, who had been the Principal of West Covina High School prior to my teaching and coaching at Edgewood High School(the other high school in the West Covina District).
    Your values and your Pyramid to Success” have been and continue to be an inspiration to me and to the several hundred wrestlers that I had the pleasure to coach. I just recently shared one of your books with my great nephew, who is a football player and wrestler at Ray-Pec High School in Raymore Missouri.

    You are a legend and a inspiration to all coaches and athletes.

    Happy Birthday

    Paul Breit
    Former Principal Garey High School
    Past President of CIF-SS Council.

  18. AJ Egli says:

    Happy Birthday. I have enjoyed your incredible words.

  19. James Terry says:


    Best wishes to a man who has made me better from listening to what you have had to say. You have been a great role model.

  20. Happy Birthday Coach!

    No disrespect to anyone, but


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