Wish Coach Wooden A Happy Birthday

October 7th, 2009 by admin

As Coach celebrates another birthday in a life well lived, please celebrate with him and send him your best.

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7,570 Responses to “Wish Coach Wooden A Happy Birthday”

  1. John Erceg says:

    Happy Birthday, Coach. You were my inspiration. I coached high school basketball for 35 years. We, too, were the BRUINS. I met you at a basketball clinic at UCLA and from then on we were the baby
    and my pholobruins. I modeled my offence and my phylosophy after you.

  2. Ed Reidhead says:

    Happy Birthday Coach Wooden, :)

    I acknowledge you for being an Amazing Man and Coach. I have learned so much from experiencing you in all the ways you have shared yourself with me and everyone. I especially identify with your poems about Being the Man you want others to aspire to. My experience of you and your life are: Courage, Love and Heart. Thank you for sharing your Spirit with me and everyone. Have a Great day and sleep well knowing you have given us all so much. You are the epitome of Grace and Heart.

    I Love you Coach John Wooden,

    Ed Reidhead
    562 298-2406

  3. Rex & Nancy Bowman says:

    Congratulations on your 99th birthday. You have been a great example of how a humble man can leave a giant footprint. God bless you, from fellow Hoosiers in Lebanon, Indiana.

  4. Robyn Tilford Fisk says:

    Happy birthday Uncle!!

    I wish I could meet you.

  5. Coach Wooden–Happy Birthday today and many more. God bless you and your love ones.

  6. The Rankin Family says:

    Dear Coach,

    Happy Day to one who so positively affected so many lives. A great role model in all respects! Cheers- Cindy, Bette & Bill Rankin

  7. Mike Means says:

    Happy Birthday Coach,
    You have greatly impacted my life. When I started as a teacher and a coach back in 1973, you were one of my role models who I sought to pattern my career after. I have read each of your books and I have had the opportunity to hear you speak twice in Tulsa. The principles you have taught have guided me as my career transitioned to school counselor, assistant principal and now principal of one of the largest high schools in Oklahoma. Thanks for your Christ-like example. May God continue to richly bless you.
    Mike Means

  8. Jeffry Schneider says:

    Happy birthday. The way you lived and the things you have taught us all, make you a really great person. All those sports records and stuff is just icing on your cake.

  9. Terry Quinn says:

    Happy Birthday Coach Wooden! I have read your book and watched you live life to its fullest. Thanks for being such a great role model for us.

  10. Benny Jones says:

    Coach Wooden,

    You are a Christian gentleman and role model. May you enjoy your 99th and look forward to your 100th birthday. God bless.

    Dr. Benny Jones FCA-Louisiana

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  12. John McFadden says:

    Hello Coach. I have been inspired by the way you have conducted your life and by your words and teaching. You should be very proud of the life you’ve lead, the contributions you’ve made and the lives you’ve changed for the better. All the best to you on your birthday.

  13. Angie says:

    Happy birthday Coach!!!!

    Thank you for:
    Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.

  14. Rodger Goodling says:

    Dear Coach Wooden,
    Congratulations on your fabulous career and on being such a tremendous role model to those of who have coached using yur Pyramid of Success as a guiding light. I am proud to tell everyone that it was my good fortune to witness each of your national championships. Continued good health and a happy birthday!
    Coach Rodger Goodling

  15. Mary says:

    Hi Coach:
    Happy Belated Birthday. I stare at The Pyramid of Success every morning and one of the blocks always speaks to me. And when I face a challenge, I often ask myself, “What would Coach Wooden do?” Thank you for 99 years of inspiration.

  16. Trey & Max says:

    Thank you for all you have done for the students here at Andersen Elementary. We love your books and love the values you have passed on!

  17. robert fisher says:

    Dear Coach Wooden, You were there for me when my wife was suffering from incurable cancer. You will always be in my heart….forever! Wishing you glorious 99th birthday.Robert Fisher

  18. Fred Booth says:

    Dear Mr. Wooden,
    You have been an inspiration to me since childhood. I have always loved working with young boys teaching and coaching. I read one time where you said,”Always be a teacher first, and a coach second.”
    I never forgot that quote. Thank You for being such a positive role model. Happy Birthday!
    With much respect,
    Fred Booth

  19. Rich Thompson says:

    Dear Coach Wooden:
    I am a Purdue Beta (#999 – 1961)and a 64′ and 72′ graduate of Purdue. I believe you were a Beta brother with my uncle, Max Lautenbach, from Gary Indiana. All Purdue Beta’s are proud of your accomplishments and adherence to life long principles. Have a happy birthday!

    Yours -kai-
    Rich Thompson

  20. Trace Bevell says:

    Coach Wooden,
    Happy 99th birthday. You are an inspiration to not only us college basketball coaches, but to every person. You leadership and character is an example to all of us. May we strive to live a life as full as yours. Thank you.
    Trace Bevell
    Men’s Basketball Coach
    Western Wyoming CC

  21. Joe Schutt says:

    Congratulations Coach Wooden. You are a class act and an inspiration to so many people.

  22. Frank Starnes says:

    Coach, you remain one of the most special and influential people in my life. Although I played for USC (1948-1950), you always treated me like a Bruin.
    The last time our paths crossed was at a book signing in Huntington Beach, CA. We now live in Colorado. Best wishes on your birthday and always. God bless you.

  23. Andrea Ridgely says:

    Dear Coach Wooden,
    Happy Birthday! I am a UCLA grad (class of ‘79) and you have always been one of my heroes for your commitment to character development over winning games. Some coaches may win the battle of the moment but you win the war of the spirit. Keep shining brightly!

  24. Melissa says:

    Happy belated birthday, Coach!
    I’m a single mom of two sons and have purchased some of your books for them and await the newest one. Your insight and wisdom help me as a mom of sons who are very athletic and need more positive male role models.
    God Bless you and may you have many healthy years ahead of you,
    Melissa Forte

  25. Debbie Lombard says:

    Happy Birthday Coach Wooden. You are an inspiration to us all. God bless you…Debbie

  26. Gary Pierot says:

    Dear Coach Wooden,
    Happy 99th Birthday! I’ve met you on several occaisions at Wooden Classic events. You were kind enough to sign a 7up Bottle commemorating the 10 titles the Bruins won under your leadership. You are a continuing inspiration and I wish you the best!

    Gary Pierot

  27. Phylllis says:

    Dear Coach Wooten,
    Thank you so much for being a man of character and passing your representation a man of character on to the rest of us. I am a school counselor and I appreciate being able to use you as an example of what character is all about. I especially like like your quote that character is more imiportant than reputation…and I am using it in my counseling at school. Have a blessed and happy birthday. Sincerely, Phyllis

  28. As a former coach (high school and college), I cannot think of anyone who has had a greater influence on my life in education than yourself. As a parent,as well as state administrator of athletics and activities,your character, wisdom and spiritual grounding has always been a source of inspiration to all of us. As the consumate role model, may we take this opportunity to wish you the happiest of birthday’s and the prayer that you have many more. Thank you for coming our way and being the model for success that you are as a person. We’re all better because of you.
    May God continue to bless us with your presence.
    Dan Salzwedel.

  29. Grant Thies says:

    Coach Wooden-

    Happy 99th birthday!!! Your words of wisdom and joy for coaching others has always been an inspiration for me. It is great that you had so much success doing things the right way and not feeling like you had to be selfish in achieving your goals. Your love for Nelly is also very inspiring!

    Thank You, Coach!


  30. Joan Banach says:

    Dear Coach Wooden,
    Happy Birthday! I am the mother of two college basketball players and during their years in High School we read your book “Pyramid of Success”. It was a tremendous blessing to me as a mother of athletes to find a book that dealt with both the spiritual and athletic aspects of life. Thank you for being such an inspiration to young Christian athletes.May God continue to bless you.
    Sincerely- Joan B.

  31. Barb Murtha says:

    I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. I have admired you as a coach but honestly more as a person. I am a coach and only hope I can give my players the “gifts” you have instilled in my playersas when you coached. Seems nowadays it is all about winning and that saddens me to the point I am not coaching anytime in the future.
    I want it back to where the players are important not only for the athletism but also their character.

    Happy Birthday, Coach Wooden.

    Barb Murtha

  32. rob levey says:

    Happy Birthday. May you continue to find purpose and meaning.


  33. Michael Huhndorf says:

    Mr. Wooden:

    I grew up with Eddie Sheldrake’s kids in Anaheim I met you at Mr. Sheldrakes wedding reception in his backyard, sometime in the early 60’s.

    When I was drafted in the army in 1971, my mother send clippings from the LA Times of every UCLA game.

    While I am going through some difficult times right now, I read your book and words of inspiration every day.You have been an inspiration to me my entire life. Happy 99th!

    Michael Huhndorf

  34. Phil Sutton says:

    Dr. Coach Wooden,

    Congratulations on your birthday. My father (Oct.18) and mother (Dec 21) were also born in 1910 so that year made some very quality people. I am also a Purdue grad so I am always proud to read of your Purdue and Indiana heritage. You have been such a shining example for all of us to look to for inspiration.

    I wish you many more birthdays and Boiler Up!

    Phil S.

  35. Carra Roberts says:

    Dear Coach Wooden,

    I’m thankful for the life you’ve lead, and the role model you have been in our society. I have been a direct benficiary as well as my children.

    Happy Birthday!

    A Fellow Hoosier-born Boilermaker,
    Carra Roberts

  36. Steven Matthew Goldberg says:

    Dear Coach Wooden,

    Although I have never met you, your story and philosophy are appealing to me. I had a wrestling coach who made a great impact on my life and I try to pass it on.

    Thank you for coaching and thank you for leaving a legacy.

    Sincere Best Wishes,

    Matt Goldberg

  37. rob Moore says:

    Thank You Coach!

  38. Roby Porto says:

    Mr. Wooden,
    Happy Birthday from a basketball fan in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Thank you for all you’ve done for basketball through the years!
    Roby Porto

  39. Bob McKenzie says:

    Coach Wooden,
    I wish you a most happy birthday
    and wish you good health. You
    have been a source of inspiration
    for millions of people through
    your writings, speeches, but most
    important your example. As a
    teacher for 40 years, you have
    influenced my teaching philosophy. Thank you for your
    guidance and may your teachings
    influence future generations.
    Keep the faith.
    Bob McKenzie
    Mentor Teacher &
    Student Government

  40. Shannon says:

    Coach Wooden,

    Your lessons and example have really inspired me to be the student, athlete and person I am today. I try and follow your example both on and off the track. You are a wonderful coach and an amazing person. Thank you for being such an inspiration to people around the world. Happy Birthday, I hope it is as special as you are. God Bless You.

    With love,

  41. Happy 99th Birthday Coach Wooden!
    I listen to your book all the time on the long drive to my kids ball games. Thank you for your thoughts and inspirations. You and your pyramid have made a difference in my children and my lives! Thank you Coach Wooden.

  42. Rick Mier says:

    Happy Birthday ‘Coach’!
    As a great fan of yours and college basketball for years, I am thrilled to send this message to you! I remember many years ago meeting you at a book signing in Cleveland and you signed a copy of your Pyramid of Sucess, I still have that framed copy more than 25 years since!
    I wish you many more and I wish that i would have had the opportunity to see you play in your playing days in my hometown of Akron!

  43. Dr. Buddy Harrison says:

    Your life has inspired me and now it gives me a reason to live. I have just returned home to recouperate from 2 1/2 months of cancer Transplant procedures. God has promised me that I shall recover and your earthly example has given me the reason and purpose to live. I will not take more of your time, just know that your are loved and reveared from near and far.
    Happy Birthday and many more…we all need yuou.


    Dr. Buddy Harrison

  44. Max Hayes says:

    Dear Coach Wooden,
    I am a retired High School coach (10 years Goodland HS and 27 years Center HS in K.C.MO.)One of my greatest memories is being at 9 of your national championships starti in 1964, with Walt Hazard and Gayle Goodrich.Using many of your principals including The Pyramid of Success,I have been blessed to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame with 2 undefeated State Championship Teams(Mo.&Ks.)You and your wife,Nell are great inspirations as Christians and servants.May God bless each of your days and bless your family as well. Happy Birthday,Coach,
    In Admiration and love,
    Coach Max Hayes

  45. Diane says:

    Happy, happy….& thanks for everything.

    As a child I deeply enjoyed watching the UCLA basketball games. It was a major event in my home..my brother, mom & me.

    Stay well & peace to all your friends & family.

  46. J.J. says:

    I am thankful for people like you. May God bless you

  47. Carol Mikami Matsuura says:

    Dear Coach Wooden- as you so graciously wrote on a UCLA cap for my late father’s birthday “Happy 100th Birthday Mike- Keep Going”,my family wishes you the same “Happy 99th Birthday Coach Wooden and Keep Going”. Mike lived to 104- you were his inspiration! Love from the Matsuura/Mikami family.

  48. Mike B says:

    COACH – you make us Bruins soooo proud. Happy BDay and many more!

  49. Lee McCormick says:

    Coach — Typing that name humbles me — as I think of the lives you have touched both directly and indirectly through those you have taught I am amazed. It has taken me many years to learn things you knew much earlier in your life but I continue to learn.

    God Bless you and thanks for your example. / Lee

  50. John Hughen says:

    Coach Wooden, Thank you for your years of service in your leadership in the development of character in the students you led. Your Win/Loss Records are second to none, but I sense that was never as important as helping your individual athletes become successful adults.
    Best Wishes!

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